Tofu MoeFu

4 Nov


Crazy busy day today, with no time to cook.  I stopped at Moe’s in Egg Harbor Township for a bean burrito.  I did my usual perusal of the menu and settled on a veggie burrito, sans cheese and sour cream, plus guacamole.  As the tortilla was heated, I looked over the fixin’s that included lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and peppers….and tofu?  I recognized the distinct weave patterned imprint on the surface of the little cubes, but I had to ask, “Is that tofu?”  The teenaged boy said yes.  “Are you sure?”  He confirmed again and offered me a sample.

Since tofu did not appear any where on the menu, I asked what they make with it, and the boy said it’s used for vegetarians.  So it’s not specifically in a burrito, unless you ask.

I wish I could say it was amazingly delicious, but honestly it was just an ok burrito.  I am happy that the choice is available and will have it again next time, but having been pretty busy these last few days, I look forward to making my own food tomorrow!


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