Potato Masonry and Hummus Imposter!

5 Nov

My husband’s request was simple:  how about some potatoes layered with hummus, and baked in the oven?  He actually was reminiscing about a frittata we had eaten at the veg-friendly Speedwell Forge Inn Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster, PA.

We always have hummus, and I had just bought a bag of organic potatoes on sale.  No problem!

So I put up water to boil, and sliced potatoes (I never bother to peel them).

I waited for the water to be a rolling boil, and put in all the potatoes.  Then, when the water returned to that same rolling boil (not just a few bubbles sputtering), I set a timer for two minutes, let them boil, and then drained them.

While all that happened, I was also working on  sauteeing some diced onions in a little bit of oil:

I was ready to layer the potatoes with hummus, when I realized I had barely enough!  About 8 ounces.

With the potatoes ready to go, and a sudden shortage of hummus, I had to rethink the whole thing.  Thinking back to that frittata at Speedwell Forge Inn, it had been layered with tofu.  And so I dug around the pantry and came up with silken tofu, tahini, and pine nuts.

I used half the block of tofu, 1/4 cup of pine nuts, and about 2 heaping tablespoons of tahini, all put into the food processor.  As these ingredients were chopped and blended, I added approximately 1 tsp each of chili powder and red pepper flakes, as well as 1 Tbsp. each of: olive oil, cumin, onion powder, and garlic powder — and the juice of one lemon!

Finally, I added the remaining hummus and blended it all again.  Now I was ready for the some potato masonry, and like a brick layer, began layering the potatoes into a ceramic casserole dish.  I started with a tiny bit of olive oil on the very bottom, then potatoes, a thin but thorough layer of hummus-tofu blend, and onions.  Repeat!  The top layer was also covered with bread crumbs and nutritional yeast.

After baking in the oven at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes, I was ready to eat!


One Response to “Potato Masonry and Hummus Imposter!”

  1. Christine Scalfo-Glover November 5, 2010 at 5:05 pm #

    Very creative, Mary. And it looks yummy!!!

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