Pecan Tofu Lima Bean Rice Salad? (When Husbands Invade Kitchens, part 2)

19 Nov

Earlier this week, I found myself running some errands until well after the dinner hour.  Thankfully, I have a husband who is not only creative, but also gets a move on when something needs to be done — in this case, dinner.  What I love about him is how he can concoct fascinating meals using what’s already in the fridge, usually in a 5-15 minute time period.  Which leaves me wondering, why am I the cook in this relationship?  I do love to cook, but I will admit that he can assemble the most interesting meals, such as in the Tempeh Takeover! I blogged about earlier this week.

Sometimes, we just have salad for dinner — and by salad, I mean we each get our own family-size bowl (there were two like the one pictured above).  In that case, our salads usually include not only greens and veggies, but also a starch or protein as well.  My husband found some leftover rice and leftover lima bean salad that had some corn and zucchini in it.  He put both of these onto a bed of mixed baby greens and added cherry tomatoes, celery, and pecans.  Then he cut up a block of tofu (raw) and assembled the pieces around the salad as pictured.  Then, he topped off the salad with balsamic vinegar, walnut oil, and curry powder (yes, it is his favored seasoning, as I mentioned in Tempeh Takeover!)

The salad was delicious, but we both agreed that the tofu should have been cooked, especially since it had been a block of tofu I had previously frozen.  Sometimes I freeze entire blocks of tofu, then thaw them in the  refrigerator, in order to create a more spongy texture that can absorb marinades before cooking.  Unfortunately, my poor husband opened up one of these tofus, instead of a regular one that might have been ok to eat raw in this salad.  Either way, it was a night I didn’t have to prepare dinner!


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