So What Do Vegans Eat For Thanksgiving?

23 Nov

Typically one of the first questions posed to a vegan by a non-vegan is “What do you eat on Thanksgiving?” (As if turkeys were the only choice otherwise).  I had the good fortune of attending two vegan Thanksgiving so far this season.  The first one was smaller, with 12 people in attendance, but the second one was much larger — perhaps close to 3o people.  Such an event is the perfect place to answer that age-old question, with an abundance of delicious examples.

Below are some photographs of foods from the second, larger Thanksgiving Potluck I attended, hosted by Vegetarian Society of South Jersey.  I apologize for the grainy quality of some of the photos, and for the fact that I did not have the opportunity to track down all the people who contributed a dish in order to get all the ingredients and information accurately.


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