Where have I been for a month????

23 Jan

Wow.  After furiously writing every day for the one month VeganMoFo Challenge in November, I said I would take a 1-2 week break.  Well, it’s been over six weeks… almost seven!  It’s amazing how time flies.

So where have I been?  Just busy.  December flew by in the blink of an eye, what with the holidays, chores, errands, and family visits.  I succeeded in doing a major overhaul of my Christmas decorations and holiday clutter, bought all my holiday gifts, spent about five days baking and decorating holiday cookies, went to six houses between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, attended two New Year’s Eve parties, and… and… the rest is just a blur!!

My husband and I have also spent a few weekends developing our new found hobby of birdwatching.  Friends are either intrigued or think we are crazy.  Ok, I’ll admit it, only one friend is intrigued and everyone else thinks we are crazy.  But it is a lot of fun, and gives us a focus point and purpose when we go hiking.  In fact, it gave us a reason to hike at all in this bitterly cold weather!!

I have also started teaching again — just for this spring semester — there are no promises for long term work there.  But nevertheless, I really miss blogging, and intend to put it back into my routine now that things have evened out.

My New Year’s Resolutions (albeit very much belatedly) which you will read about on this blog include:

1) Losing some weight!  All that VeganMoFo cooking and fifteen variations of holiday cookies do not come without a consequence — yes, even vegan food can pack some calories!!

2) Write more — for this blog, and other places I have yet to contact.  But I will.  At least I intend to….

3) Learn to identify more birds, and continue to keep track of them as the seasons change.  I intend to blog about this new hobby soon, including my attempts to create a vegan bird suet for feeding woodpeckers.

4) Continue meeting and networking with other vegan friends.  I just got involved with the Vegan Pledge for Peace Advocacy Network in Philadelphia.  Over 30 people in this organization have pledged to go vegan for at least 30 days, with the benefit of a mentor and several workshops to guide them in the journey.  I’ve gone to two events so far and love it!  (More details to come soon!)

5) Visit and review vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.  *Note:  this resolution may conflict with #1

Look for another post later this week!!


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