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(B)limey, it’s cannellini, not chick peas!

26 Nov

When most people hear the word hummus, they think of chick peas (assuming they’ve even heard of hummus to begin with).  I love chick peas, and they are probably the one bean I truly could not live without.  However, cannellini beans, or white beans, are also a close second place in my world of foods I cannot live without.

In addition to testing the Black Bean Hummus with Orange from Robin Robertson‘s upcoming book, I also tested her new recipe for White Bean and Lime Hummus.  Cannellini and lime?  Another citrus and bean marriage made in heaven!

The ingredients were simple — cannellini beans, garlic, tahini, lime juice, cayenne, and salt with cilantro for a garnish.

I began with salt and garlic in the always lovable food processor.

Never use that bottled stuff.  Fresh lime is always best — believe me!  I squeezed fresh lime with this easy to use lime squeezer.  Simply place one half of a lime, inside facing down, into this hand-held device and squeeze so as to pop the lime inside-out.  In this case, I squeezed it right into a small measuring glass so I could measure as the juice came out.   I do have an electric citrus juicer, but for the sake of one fruit, I just use the hand squeezers — I also have a bigger, yellow one for lemons as well as a much bigger, orange one for oranges — very convenient!!

The next step combined everything else together in the food processor:  white beans, tahini, cayenne, and lime juice in with the garlic and salt.

A few pulses, and it’s done!  Garnish with some cilantro, and take it to a party.

The best part of this white bean hummus is how amazingly simple and fast it it could be.  Seriously, the most time-consuming aspect of this recipe was chopping a few pieces of cilantro.  Delicious!